Below, is a quick overview of how the design process works. We will see your project through from beginning to end.


Initial Meeting
When you contact our sales department we will set up an initial meeting at either one of our showroom locations, or at your job site. At that meeting we will begin to get an understanding of your vision for the project. Please bring any drawings, blueprints, and/or measurements that you have available.

Initial Budgetary Proposal
A budgetary proposal will be generated after your initial meeting. Your proposal will be based on plans submitted as well as the information regarding species/door style/finish/drawers gathered in the initial meeting. Without a full design, our initial proposal will serve as an estimate.

Design Retainer
We require a design retainer to move forward with your project design. This is a non-refundable design fee, based on estimated design time needed, that is directly credited to your order upon order placement. We will determine a design schedule based on when you will need your cabinetry delivered.

Design Meetings
After you have had an opportunity to look through your design, we will have design meetings to discuss any necessary revisions. You should be prepared to make your door style and finish selections at this time. We will then provide finish samples for your approval in preparation for your order placement. At this time we will also arrange for a field measurement to ensure all dimensions are perfectly accurate.

Delivery & Installation
After you have ordered your cabinetry and we have begun production we will contact you to arrange for delivery and installation.


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